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Strategy, Research, Content, Design, Illustration, Development, Photography, Video, Focus Groups, User Experience, Customer Journey, Hosting, Site Care + Maintenance

The Anne Carlsen Center’s mission is clear: to make the world a more inclusive place where independence is a gift to all. As the agency driving their website redesign in a way to revitalize their online presence, it was our goal to highlight their strengths, story, and history in the best way possible while also adding clarity around their diverse set of services.

Implementing accessibility and mobile responsiveness to their new site was a core part of our strategy. The customer’s ability to find information on the appropriate services, how to get started, and what location-based services are offered across North Dakota and into Minnesota was very complex; it needed to be simplified in a way that is easy to navigate for a parent making crucial decisions for their child and family.

Nurturing abilities.
Changing lives.


Not afraid to be bold.

- Tim Eissinger
CEO, Anne Carlsen Center
"I have really enjoyed working with the Spark27 team. They have a creative style that challenges an organization to truly reflect its uniqueness, are not afraid to be bold, and have a network of professional affiliates that can adapt a project to anyone’s budget.
I highly recommend them to other nonprofits in
our region."

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